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Other Local Businesses

We thought we'd share a little about other small and medium businesses in our area. We hope you find this useful.

Asbestos Surveys

We talk to a lot of people who are responsible for buildings in the course of our work to keep buildings safe.: building managers, landlords and property managers. The one thing that worries everyone responsible for a building over a certain age more than any other safety risk is asbestos.

The use of blue and brown asbestos was made illegal in 1985 and white asbestos was outlawed in 1999. Before then, it was widely used. The 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations state that owners of non-domestic buildings, that is anything but a private home, have a legal duty to manage asbestos on the premises by making themselves aware of its presence and ensuring the material containing it does not deteriorate. If the risks are high, the asbestos must be removed.

For years asbestos was regarded as entirely safe. We now know it causes asbestosis, a progressive and untreatable lung disease, and mesothelioma, an aggressive and malignant cancer of the pleural layer, which surrounds the lungs. The diseases are triggered by inhaling air-born asbestos fibres.

The first step to making sure your building is safe, and to fulfilling the legal duty to make yourself aware of it's presence, is an Asbestos Survey. If your building is in Essex or Hertfordshire then we recommend Global Environmental. They are, of course, technical experts, with all the appropriate expertise, qualifications and certifications. They are also respectful of the needs of the people who own the building, and who use the building. They are discrete and low profile, and cause the minimum of disruption. Where it's appropriate they work out of hours, to avoid any disruption to the normal use of the building.

Is this old building as asbestos risk?

Is this old building as asbestos risk?

Document Scanning in London

London scene

PAT testing and electrical work used to generate paper records. Thankfully that’s all digital nowadays. But the paper documents cannot be simply shredded or recycled. They may be needed in the future to show that testing was done, and the equipment was safe to use, as far as testing can tell.

Wise businesses have a retention policy to manage this process. The policy defines how long PAT test records, and many other documents, must be retained. The policy is implemented by regular checks on the records stored, and the disposal of those which have passed the retention date.

That’s why document scanning is a great idea. It makes the old paper documents as easy to store, share and use as a digital document. It’s especially useful for businesses in and around London, where the cost of storage space for documents is sky high.

If scanning is not right for your business, then a good document management company can still help. They can store your records in their specialist facilities. This free up your office space, and probably means the documents are stored more securely. And they can implement your retention policy. They will dispose of all the documents that are no longer required, keeping your storage costs down. If the documents are confidential, then the disposal can be by secure shredding.